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Annual Report 2005
Entire Annual Report
Shareholder Information
Corporate Governance
Principal Subsidiaries
Financial Information
Management's Discussion and Analysis (pages 30 to 89)
Group Financial Performance (pages 34 to 42)
Group Financial Condition (pages 43 to 50)
Business Line Overview (pages 51 to 58)
     Domestic Banking (pages 52 to 53)
     International Banking (pages 54 to 55)
     Scotia Capital (pages 56 to 57)
     Other (page 58)
Risk Management (pages 59 to 70)
Controls and Accounting Policies (pages 71 to 75)
Supplementary Data (pages 76 to 89)
Consolidated Financial Statements (pages 91 to 132)
Core Business
Domestic Banking
International Banking
Scotia Capital