TeleScotia® Wallet Card
Call anytime, day or night.
At TeleScotia's main menu, press 1 for Routine Banking Services.
Press 1 for Touch Tone phone or 2 for Screenphone.

TeleScotia Routine Banking Menu
Press 1 Press 2 Press 3
Press 1
Bill Payments1
1) Scotiabank VISA*/ScotiaLine® accounts
2) All other bill payments
3) Add/delete bill payment companies
4) Obtain a list of the last 10 bills paid
Press 2
Account Information
1) Account Balances
2) Detailed Account Information
3) List of last 10 transactions
4) Mortgage, loan and investment balances and mortgage details
5) U.S. $ Account Balances
6) Business Credits2
Press 3
Transfers/Cash Advances/Recurring Transfers
Press 4 Press 5 Press 6
Press 4
Other Banking Services
1)Cheque Re-order
2) Pending Transactions Inquiry
Press 5
Personal Information
and Demo
1) Change your Access Code
2) Reset your existing or forgotten Access Code
3) Broadcast Message
4) Demonstration
Press 6
To End Call
TeleScotia Shortcut Keys
Press 7 Press 8 Press 9
  Press 8
To Repeat a Message
Press 9
To Return to Main Menu
Press star Press 0 Press number
Press *
To return to previous menu or correct a transaction
Press 0
To Reach a Telebanking Representative
Number Key
To Skip Over

  • Don't select the last 6 digits of your ScotiaCard as your Access Code.
    Don't write it down – memorize it!
  • Have your ScotiaCard number and your Access Code ready
  • Forgot your Access Code? Select Option 2 from the Main Menu, or Option 5 from the Routine Banking Menu
  • You may key your selection without waiting for the prompts
  • No charge for assistance in using the TeleScotia automated service. A $1.50 charge will apply only if a representative completes a transaction on your behalf.

1Bill payments made after 8:30 p.m. E.T. Monday to Friday, on weekends or on holidays will be processed the next business day. Future dated bill payments will only be processed if sufficient funds are in the designated account by 6 p.m. E.T. on that day.
2 Commercial customers only.

Here's How to Get Started
From the Main Menu, press 1 for Routine Banking Services, then press 1 for touch tone phone, or press 2 for screenphone. At the prompt, select an Option from the Routine Banking Menu, then key in your ScotiaCard number and press the # key.

When prompted, enter your temporary Access Code (use the last 6 digits of your ScotiaCard number). You will then be asked to enter a new 5 to 8 digit Access Code.

Temporary access code

Access TeleScotia Today!
Simply call the appropriate toll-free number below, from anywhere in North America:

English: 1-800-267-1234
French (Français): 1-800-575-1212
Cantonese Cantonese: 1-800-830-8800
Mandarin Mandarin: 1-800-830-8080
Here's What You Can Do

Access all of your Scotiabank accounts, including Scotiabank VISA* and ScotiaLine, to:
  • Pay bills (post-date up to one year)
  • Transfer funds (post-date up to one year)
  • Check your pending transactions
  • Re-order cheques
  • Apply for a new Classic* No-Fee or Value® VISA card with a maximum credit limit of $5000
  • Obtain mortgage details
  • Obtain history of last 10 bills paid
  • Request a VISA statement
  • Obtain balance information for all Canadian and U.S. dollar accounts including your mortgage, loan and investment accounts
  • Review your last 10 transactions for Scotiabank deposit and credit accounts
  • Access Scotia Mutual Funds information line for mutual fund prices, rates of return, or to review your accounts